Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life is full of misery, loneliness & suffering - and it's all over too soon.
- Woody Allen

The Surge of Spring!

Well, it's been quite a dynamic Winter in the biography business. We have completed a few more bios chronicling more life stories, and a couple of new "Tell Me A Story" children's videos.

Mary was a favorite in the last year. She was so sweet and accommodating, her story was a joy to work on. Hard to believe she is 90 years old! The joyous spirit never ages.

We also added the husband and wife team of Betty & Richard. 
Both lived such amazing and world-travelled lifestyles.

It is exceptional that they were able to make the move from China to the U.S. during such difficult times and be as successful as they were considering all the obstacles they encountered along the way. 

One more biography was commissioned for Ken to honor his long list of accolades and achievements throughout careers - from a youthful & enterprising magazine peddler during the depression, on to researcher for Kodak, and then patent examiner & powerful
corporate attorney. 
His family story is of a marvelous and often difficult journey - yet his true talents shone through and he is enormously loved by his four children. Thanks, Ted!  

Stay tuned for more to come!