Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New (re-)Launch - TimeStories.com

We are proud to announce the launch of TimeStories.com

HeirloomBiography has evolved to serve a larger audience. The old name will fade away while the new name carries on the same tradition - "Saving lives one story at a time". (Borrowed from the APH)

All of our previous work will still be viewable, but along with our motion Biographies we have now expanded into chronicling the fledgling lives of children, with our Kidographies. We've added personal movie Tributes to honor and document the lives of loved ones. We still produce Corporate Histories designed to carry the brand into the future while giving a nod to the past, and have added Story Albums - narrative photo albums printed on hand-stitched, bound, archival pages. These exquisite coffee-table books are for keeping stories aligned with their images.

The idea behind these books was the impetus that started our business.

When my parents died, I inherited hundreds of photographs of Europe and China where my parents were born and raised. None were titled or named. Aside from finding these photos mildly curious and not just a little "neat", I put them in the closet for "when I was older". When my son turned four, he asked me "who's the lady with the big smile" in all the photos around the house? It was my mother - his grandmother - who died the year he was born. I pulled a few pictures out of a box to show him and was struck by how little I could tell him. 

As a first-born American, those far away countries in those photos told nothing to me. Where were they taken? Who was in them? Were they relatives? Friends? Why did they take that particular shot? A wave of guilt came over me as I recalled countless stories offered at numerous dinners while growing up. At each mention of "the old days", I drifted off - more concerned about my interests or my social activities. What did I care about those far off and ancient lives??? I was an American growing up with music, tv and toys galore! My future lay ahead - not behind me.....

Back to the box in the closet. With each photo pulled out I "umm-ed" and "ahh-ed" to my son - not knowing what to say. What few I could find of my mother (she was the photographer of most) I put aside to create a montage of her. I narrated the eulogy I wrote for her funeral and animated the pictures to create Remembering Renee, a tribute to her life for my son to watch.

That was the start of our heritage business back in 2006. Since then, we have expanded to a group of like-minded individuals who all share the same beliefs - "that our stories today affect those yet to be, that true value comes from family and friends, and so much detail is forsaken in the rush of modern living."

I wish I could bring my parents back for a long weekend and ask them all about those stories they told that I ignored. I would have them explain why they did what they did, when they did it, and how they felt about the tough decisions in their lives. Because everything they did or didn't do led to my existence - and ultimately to my sons'. It would've been nice to know the stories and not just have the images that went with them.

The following quote is from Philip T. Sudo and sums up our our philosophy perfectly:

Remember who made you
and those before you
and those before them.
All those ancestors are within you,
stretching back to Creation.
Years hence,
Whom will you be within?

So, take the time to capture the stories of times past and present. Preserve the visions of your children as they embark on their journey of life. Honor loved ones with a tribute of times shared. Do it today, for today's TimeStories are handed down as tomorrow's treasures.

Time Stories - always moving.