Monday, February 22, 2010

The wisdom of older ages

The end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 has taught us many things at Heirloom Biography about the values of heritage preservation and who holds them.

We have always assumed that the children of aging parents were the ones who were most desirous of a clear heritage knowledge - that the aging elders already knew their own story and were less motivated to try and save it. We were surprised, then, when a few seniors approached us to create remembrance videos & books to give as gifts to their families.

One client wanted us to take her
photo album that she started
at age 9, and "fix" it for her child & grandkids. It was well beyond repair, so we disassembled it, scanned all the photos, color-restored them
and created a printed album similar to the original from which multiple copies could be made.

The book was printed on a large format paper and bound into a 60 page book that came out stunning. Although the client doesn't understand how "we made the photos appear in one book while the originals are still in her old album", she has commented that this was the best investment she has made "all during her senior years". Two more copies have been made for her daughter & grandkids. We are now making another book showcasing her mother's handmade stitched samplers that will be donated to the local historical society after her passing. This client is 90 years old and sees well into the future of her heritage!

In another example, we were approached by a man turning 100 who told us that he "had made it" (to 100) and wanted to celebrate his story with his great- great grandkids who visited him but knew nothing of his life. We proceeded to interview him and made a 20 minute video to show at his retirement home birthday party attended by 5 generations of family.

Folks are still emailing us about how amazed they are that "gramps" had so much of a story and his secrets to a long life.

All we did was ask!

So, we here are constantly and wonderfully surprised by who cherishes their history and for what reasons. Never underestimate any age, for every age has a story to tell.